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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Cold Remedies

I borrowed this from another herbalist and made a couple of changes.  Pretty good info.  Mama G.
This is my cold protocol, first the generalities and then the specific symptoms:

My basic cold treatment is garlic, Vitamin C, and cayenne. Other symptom-specific treatments are used when needed.

HEALING- When you are fighting any kind of illness (cold, flu, etc.), it is best to stop
eating bulky foods so that your body can concentrate on healing and not digesting. Soups, juices, and other clear liquids will allow your body to focus on healing. If you do choose to continue eating like normal, you will probably have a more prolonged illness and possibly more severe. Also, sugar affects the body's immune system in a negative way. Eating sugar before exposure can make you more susceptible to catching an illness. Eating sugar during an illness can prevent rapid healing.

VITAMIN C: At the onset of a cold, take 1000mg of Vitamin C and repeat this dose every hour until symptoms cease. For children, I give 500mg twice a day during an illness and 1000 units od Vitamin D-3 when something is “going around.” Vitamin C should be taken any time an antibiotic is taken, either natural or man-made. The Vitamin C increases the effectiveness of the antibiotic. Too much Vitamin C causes diarrhea, so cut back on the dose if you notice the stool starting to get loose and runny.

GARLIC: We roast it with garlic oil and sprinkle the cloves with tasty herbs. We chop it and add it to soups. We eat pickled garlic. Any way we can get garlic into our bodies, we do it. Raw is best, but if you want to cook it, let your prepared garlic (chopped, sliced, crushed, etc.) sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the properties to increase. Then cook as desired.

CAYENNE: Steven H. Horne, author of The ABC Herbal (a great book on children’s remedies), says that at the first sign of a cold, he takes 2 capsules of Capsicum (cayenne pepper) every hour with a large glass of water. Instead of Cayenne capsules for children, I give them “Hot and Sour Soup” with plenty of cayenne. Mr. Horne also uses sweat baths and enemas for treating cold symptoms.

My husband came home one Fri. with a cold and these methods had him ready for work again by Monday! I think he was well on Sunday afternoon, but you admit it if you were getting waited on hand and foot?

COUGH - Coughing clears the lungs of toxins, so you really do not want to suppress a cough, especially if there is mucous to expel. You want it to be productive. The garlic treatments should help break up and expel the mucous, and adding thyme to soups will help as well. Suppressing a cough, in my opinion, just prolongs the illness and prevents healing.

SWEAT BATHs help the body to rid itself of toxins that cause illness. After taking the Cayenne capsules, sit in a tub of water as hot as you can tolerate. Add a couple of tablespoons of ginger powder, a handful of rosemary or mint leaves, or other aromatic herbs. (It is best to put these herbs in a mesh bag to keep from having to clean out your tub after the bath.) An alternative is to add a quarter teaspoon of lavender oil, tea tree oil, or some other pure essential oil. Drink plenty of water or a fragrant herbal tea before sitting in the bath. After the bath, get into bed and pile on the blankets. You want to keep sweating to help your body eliminate the toxins. Drinking “Hot and Sour Soup” will help you with the sweating as well.
FOR BABIES: Since you do not want to put the baby in really hot water, use a warm bath and using a wash cloth gently wash his body down with some natural soap (like Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap) to make certain the pores are open. You can add a small amount of lavender oil or tea tree oil to the bath to stimulate the circulation and draw the blood to the extremities.

FEVER – Fevers are actually beneficial. The raised body temperature allows many body systems to work together in the healing process. It is the administration of medications that causes the drastic rise and fall in temperature as the body is purposefully trying to keep the temperature elevated. This interferes with healing. Try not to give medications or herbs to lower fever except naturally to make the patient more comfortable. Do your own research on this subject and you will very impressed with the way God made our bodies to heal themselves.

STUFFY NOSE-A great way to clear a stuffy nose is to eat Hot and Sour soup from a Chinese restaurant. You can make your own using Ramen Noodles. Put the ramen (I like beef) and seasoning packet in A LOT OF water and boil. Use several packs so you can make a lot of soup. Add apple cider vinegar and soy sauce to your taste (start small). Sprinkle with red pepper flakes – remember that you want this to be spicy, but tolerable. Let simmer for a while and enjoy. When I want to eliminate the seasoning packet that contains MSG, I make my own soup using poultry seasoning herbs such as sage, thyme, rosemary, chopped garlic and onion. I still use the ramen noodles to give it a bit of texture, though we make much more soup than noodles. Throw in an astragalus root or two and simmer this soup for a while and you will have a great “sick soup” to sip on all day.

RUNNY NOSE- Why try to stop it if it is carrying toxins out of the body? Trying to stop a runny nose, in my opinion, just prolongs the illness and prevents healing.

HEADACHE: Diluted Peppermint oil massaged onto temples. Use one drop of peppermint oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil. Some examples of carrier oils are olive, coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond, etc. In a pinch, vegetable oil will do. Do not get peppermint oil in the eyes or too close to them.

EARACHE/INFECTION: Peel a clove of garlic and place it into the opening of your ear (like you would a hearing aide). You could also put a couple of drops of garlic oil down into your ear and massage some oil on your neck around and below your ear. The oil is best for children, while adults might like the clove better. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and the oil is soothing.

CONGESTION: If you have chest congestion and can't seem to get it coughed up, then warm some garlic oil and have someone massage it onto your back and under your armpits. Then massage some onto your chest, being sure to get it under your rib cage. This gets it into your lymph nodes (garlic absorbs into your skin very quickly). I have used this on my girls and it didn't take more than 2 nights to see a difference. I used this on my 2-year-old when she had her first cold at 2 months. I could not suction the mucous because it was too deep. When I changed her diaper I would rub her chest with garlic oil. A few minutes later she would sneeze and the mucous would come up. To this day she has never been to the doctor, and the only illnesses she has ever had were colds that were very mild. Adults could try a garlic poultice on the foot!

SORE THROAT: Put a couple of drops of garlic oil onto the back of the throat (inside the mouth). Then massage oil onto the outside of throat area. It may take a while (20-40 minutes) to feel results, but it’s natural. You can even teach a child to treat himself. The first time I did this my sore throat was gone for 12 hours! After the second treatment it did not come back.

Other folks may have different and better remedies/treatments, but this is what we use! For prevention we take Garlic and 5,000 units of Vitamin D-3 daily (adults).

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